now accepting clients for March/April 2018

One of the most misconceived notions of branding is that all it entails is designing a logo, picking some fonts and colors, and BOOM - you have a brand. While those are definitely important components, branding is so much more than the superficials of your business...

Branding allows you to be a storyteller, girl boss, and creative. It allows you to incorporate your day-to-day into a functional system of how to do business. It gives people FOMO. It sets you apart and helps create a relationship with your ideal clients and target market through results-driven strategy. It supports your mission, values, and BIG DREAMS!

building a brand,

Sounds pretty great, huh?

Whether you are in the dreaming phase, you just became an LLC, or are reconfiguring your existing brand, I want nothing more than for you to succeed! Just think of me as your brand manager / cheerleader / new BFF who cannot WAIT to go on this business-building journey with you. We will walk through all your dreams, talk about the peaks and pits of being a business owner, and incorporate you and your story into a final product that will reach your audience on an emotional level and allow you to connect with them in a way that creates community.

I've made it my mission to invest my time into reading, listening, and learning everything I can about branding. And all I want to do is share that sweet knowledge with you. To view the specifics of this package, email me for the pricing and package guide.

not just a business!

let's work together!

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